When motivation walks away.

It’s frustrating, isn’t it? When you’ve got this great idea, and you start to put it down into either paper or action, and suddenly it all sort of fizzles.

I’m kind of encountering that right now. I was going to write up a post about when to help people and when to walk away, and while I know I’ve got plenty to share about that subject, something in me just says “Eh, not tonight, okay? Let’s save that one for later. For a day when you know you’ve got the fuel to push forward on whatever steam you’ve got from your experiences in that department. But for today, why don’t we just hang out?”

Everything in me is telling me to go be a total girl tonight. Curl up with something warm to drink, some anime, a book, or a kdrama. With my lovable kittycat to lay next to me.  Sometimes, we need to do stuff like that. Whether or not you’re a girl. People need “me time”, sometimes. And that’s okay.  Especially when it comes to putting plans into actions.

It’s great when people who have little motivation can still squeeze out the energy to do the work. I know because I’ve been the one to do it on many occasions. Still, sometimes when your body is saying “I’m not motivated, I have no energy.” it’s the genuine truth and we should take its advice. I learned that the hard way.

I used to be a workaholic. I would take a full course-load of classes, work part time, and volunteered, not for just one thing, but 3 things. I was volunteering as a make-up artist for a musical, helping the choir director as his assistant, and voluntarily organization an entire room filled with vintage slide catalogs for the College I went to. I was burning myself out but because I felt this massive sense of accomplishment, I didn’t know to pull back a little. In the end, I made myself really sick, so sick that I still haven’t fully recovered.

Even when others might be calling you lazy or insisting you try harder, there are times when you’ve got to disappoint them so that the bigger picture can happen. Plus, if you’re straining yourself too much, you lose attention to detail and everything rides on the details. So it’s best to hold off until you’re back in focus.

In essence, sometimes you need to be zen to move a mountain. Strength isn’t in what you force, but what you let move around you until you’re ready to be part of the flow.



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